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Dawn Davidson

I am an artist who aspires to describe the true nature of the universe and the way people connect through my work.

With Portrait Painting I focus on connecting with the model: merging realisim, expressive strokes, and vibrant color to allow the viewer to empathise with the inner emotions and unique humanity found in each of us .

My Illustrations are more whimsical, you will find lots of faeries, dragons, wizards and monsters. Most of these images I create have stories to go with them. Illustration is my playtime when I let my imagination run wild. *

I am currently compiling an Illustrated Novel ( a grown-up fairytale with pretty pictures). 

I have a passion for watercolor, I love the transparent quality of the medium, and the sensitivity it invokes. Watercolors remind me of stained glass, the medium is at it's most beautiful when the light is shining through.... it's not about the paint, insted the focus is on the light, as it should be.